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Our Team

Hello I’m Teresa and I have a love for Disney, planning, and creating special moments with the ones I love most.  I have two children and an amazing husband who understand my love of “all things Disney.”  I can’t measure the excitement I get from walking down Main Street USA, eating a churro, riding my favorite ride, Space Mountain, and finishing the night watching fireworks with my family.  It is in those small moments that time stops and I get to be a kid with my kids!

I’m here for you and I get it how much thought, energy, and stress goes into planning a wonderful vacation for your family.  It’s my goal to ease the burden so that you can be in the moment and see the magic unfold in the eyes of your loved ones.

Hello I'm Nate.  I love to travel.  I love to research.  I love to organize.  All of those combined give me my love of planning vacations.  I have traveled to almost every state, along with internationally a few times.  I have 2 wonderful kiddos and the best wife ever that has agreed to go on this adventure with me.  Like my wife, I love Disney (just maybe not as much as she does).  I also have a love for sports, which has been one of the driving factors to get me to travel.  We have a goal to see all 30 MLB stadiums in our lifetime. 

I am here to help you with your Domestic/International Travel and Road Trips. 

We look forward to making your life easier as we help you plan the best vacations ever 


Our Mission is to design a vacation plan, detailed to your needs and priorities, which allows you to enjoy each moment with your loved ones.

We provide researched and personalized itineraries that match your priorities.  Hotel accommodations, dining suggestions, must do activities and entertainment are some of what you can expect from us at Done Right Destinations.


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We specialize in a variety of different planned vacation packages.  Choose your desired vacation to get started. 

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